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Anonimo Watches

Brief Brand History for :

In 1913, Italian designer and entrepreneur Federico Massaces, created the Aninimo watch brand in Florence, where he established a team of both veteran watchmakers and modern craftsmen. Federico's goal was to create luxury watches that honor the history of Italy's famous watchmakers, while also producing unique and functional Italian watches. Aninimo watches are now available and becoming popular in North America, with those looking to make a strong and individual statement with their watch.

Product Line Overview:

Anonimo (Italian for 'anonymous') Watches are split up into four different categories: 'Anonimo Basic' (aka 'Anonimo Sport'), 'Anonimo Militare', 'Anonimo Professionale' and 'Anonimo Dino Zei'.

'Anomino Basic' features Anonimo's highly water resistant Sports and Performance line. Extremely well respected, Anonimo Sports watches are well known for their place in the deep sea diving world, and because of this, Anonimo was asked to collaborate with famous Italian diving company, Cooperativa Nazionale Sommozzatori. Featuring easily read luminous dials, various combinations of chronographs and the Anonimo invented button locking system, these incredible sports watches are built to withstand extended immersion in both fresh and salt water. Attached by a calfskin strap conditioned with an Anonimo-patented protective process, the 'Anonimo Basic' aka 'Anonimo Sport' line is a must-see for all watch-loving sports enthusiasts.

The 'Anonimo Basic' line features the clean and classic 'Sailor Diver'; the Associazione Nazionale Marinai d'Italia (ANMI) commissioned 'Marina d'Italia' and their Baselworld 2011 release, the stunning carbon fiber 'Carbon Diver'. Water resistant to an incredible 1000 meters, the 'Anonimo Millemetri' watch is avail with black, blue, grey or orange dial, making it a real head-turner. Anonimo also offers the stainless steel braceleted 'Anonimo Millemetri SS Bracelet' and the limited edition 'Milliemetri Drass'.

Two of Anonimo's stunning Baselworld 2011 releases are also in this line. Water resistant to 300 meters, the exquisite 'Anonimo Carbon Diver Watch' is a limited edition featuring a stunning carbon fiber dial set with large hour indicators and superluminova hands. Framed by a Carbon fiber Bezel and housed in a large 42mm sand blasted steel case, the 'Carbon Diver' is bold, yet classic with a clean modern look.

Baselworld 2011 release, the 'Anonimo Marlin Bronze Watch' is housed in an exclusively Anomino Marine Bronze case. This special bronze alloy is stunning and sporty, its special strength usually only seen in Ocean Ship propellers, for which this incredibly durable Marine Bronze is usually used. An oversized and extra thick dial brings this incredible men's watch to a large 46.50 mm with a 15.5 thickness, making it perfect for the man who likes to be seen.

The 'Anonimo Militare' line features uniquely modern military-inspired wristwatches tough enough to withstand any battle. Featuring a lock down crown set at six o'clock, with the locking attached to the watch strap, Anonimo 'Militare' watches are the sturdiest around. This unique crown protection feature ensures that the crown is protected under even the harshest conditions. 'Militare' watch dials have Arabic numerals and are avail in automatic, chronograph, flyback and chronograph versions, with various versions featuring a second time zone or GMT function and a power reserve indicator.

Militare Watch models include: The automatic 'Militare Automatico', the satined and sand blasted Militare Automatico Drass, the bold black with red accented Chronograph 'Militare Crono', and the Baselworld 2001 release and extremely durable drass-treated chrono 'Militare Crono Drass' and the totally black drass-treated automatic 'Militare Automatico Drass NERO'. Also featured in this line is the 'Anonimo Militare ZULU Time' watch, named after the Military's official name for Greenwich mean time, and this is also avail with the extensive blackening treatment in the model 'Militare ZULU Time Drass'.

For those needing to know the time in the worlds major cities, the 'Firenze Dual time II' is a thoroughly modern take on a the military look, with the actual names of the cities stamped on the dial, making access to dual time info much easier than many other dual time watches. The 'Firenze Dual Time' is also avail in a gold & drass model, the 'Firenze Dual time Drass/Gold' and also on bracelet, although sometimes this 'Firenze Dual Time Bracelet' is more difficult to

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