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Bertolucci Watches

Brief Brand History for :

Bertolucci was born when Remo Bertolucci, a young man from Tuscany, married a Swiss woman from a family of watchmakers. In 1987, Remo launched his eponymous brand in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The company's debut product was the Pulchra, meaning beautiful in Italian. The watch's Italian styling and Swiss craftsmanship are credited with the brand’s early success. Bertolucci has subsequently been sold several times. Its watches continue to be available in the marketplace and have excellent values at their presently discounted prices.

Product Line Overview:

Bertolucci's Haute Couture Collection features Ouni, a watch defined by jewel-encrusted cases resembling sea urchins. Bertolucci's large, slanted, rectangular Gioco is aesthetically bold owing to its singular shape and intricate jewel setting. For example, Gioco in white gold is paved with 362 full cut diamonds. The rose gold configuration is framed with 177 diamonds, its center possessing a geometric staircase illusion. The striking appearance Gioco offers is rarely found elsewhere.

Bertolucci watches in the Casual Chic Collection include the Bella Costa quartz chronograph, Giro, and the oval-shaped Serena, one of Bertolucci's most well-known watches. Designed for both sexes, Serena Garbo also is available in variations inspired by the curves of a polished, Mediterranean shore pebble. Bertolucci's most famous watch is the Pulchra, now named VIR. Charming and comfortable, the links of the bracelet also mimic pebbles on a shore.

Watches under the Doppia name represent Bertolucci's four Cs: creativity, curves, comfort, and construction. The feminine Doppia Collection is fashionable, whether with diamond lugs, Roman or Arabic numerals, or a two-tone case configuration. Doppia Animations serve as a tribute to nature. The Doppia Animations Butterfly is presented in soft blue, the Doppia Peacock is a combination of silver and pink, and the flower-inspired Doppia Bauhini is mauve-dialed.

Bertolucci's Distinction lines include the modern yet romantic Volta, which inherited its name from "c'era una volta," or "once upon a time." The stunning Vogli features a seductive black strap winding between glittering diamonds. The sporty, masculine, and blacked-out Forza is a voguish watch which is also available in a chronograph configuration. Additionally, designed for the woman who likes to be noticed, Bertolucci's Stria is either adorned with diamonds or amethysts, peridots, topazes, and citrines.