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Cvstos Watches

Brief Brand History for :

Sassoun Sirmakes and Antonio Terranova founded Cvstos in 2005. The name comes from the Latin "Custos," meaning "guardian." As a relative newcomer to the world of haute horlogerie, Cvstos quickly distinguished itself with bold, contemporary designs and in-house capabilities. Its facilities just outside Geneva can manufacture watch dials, cases, and components. While maintaining traditional Swiss watchmaking values, Cvstos manufactures watches with modern materials and pronounced, tonneau-shaped cases.

Product Line Overview:

Cvstos luxury watches include the Challenge line, which incorporates a bold design and presents it in either stainless steel or Red Gold. It includes the 'Cvstos Challenge Chrono', 'Cvstos Challenge Twin-Barrel', and the Cvstos Challenge Twin-Time. Most of the Cvstos Challenge line incorporates a rounded rectangular case. The Cvstos Challenge-R line includes the 'Challenge-R Chrono' and the 'Cvstos Challenge-R Twin-Time' models, again in both Steel and Red Gold. The lines used in the complications and the watch face are geometrically perfect and give it an incredible amount of beauty.

Cvstos luxury watches also include complications with their Concept S line, which includes the 'Challenge HM-S', 'Challenge Flyback-S', 'Challenge QPR-S', 'Challenge-R 50 QP-S', 'Challenge T-S Tourbillon Sport', 'Challenge-R 50 T-S Tourbillon Sport', and the 'Challenge RMT-S'. These exciting complications are exciting and sporty, thus the ASA part of the name. New ways of using traditional complications is a trademark of this exciting company.

For Ladies, the 'Cvstos RE-Belle' line of Cvstos luxury watches provides both technical sophistication and elegance. This line includes the 'RE-Belle Twin-Time', the 'Re-Belle Twin-Time Joaillerie', and the 'Cvstos RE-Bellion' watches. Most of these models come in either white gold or red gold and several include diamonds or gemstones.

Cvstos luxury watches have some specialty timepieces in the Limited Edition line, including the 'Modena Cars Racing Challenge Chrono' and the Challenge-R 50 HF. The Evosquare line includes the 50 T-S Tourbillon Sport, the 'Cvstos 45/50 Chrono' and the 'Limited Edition 45/50 HF'. These sporty luxury watches have intricate complications and a bold look that make them a very desirable addition to any watch collection. Whether you are a man or a woman, these watches are worth looking at.

The Cvstos expertise in technical ingenuity, beauty and incredible creativity is fully expressed in all Cvstos luxury watch lines. The recognizable identity of Cvstos remains untouched in all Cvstos timepieces, regardless of the shape. With smooth curves, complicated movements, and always contemporary looks, many Cvstos designs are becoming landmarks in the exclusive universe of Haute Horlogerie.