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A Guide to Seikos New Releases

Seiko introduced an abundance of new models in the past few months alone. Here is a look at those releases. Seiko is known for barraging customers with releases. In the last year, the brand has updated several of its most admired collections and added entirely new models. The Japanese watchmaker also has a reputation for excellent quality at affordable prices. .....

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The Battle to Make the Thinnest Watch

A story of extraordinary engineering and absurd one-upmanship, all for the sake of microns What is a watch? Conventionally, a timepiece is composed of a separate movement, dial, and case with a single crown responsible for both winding the mainspring and setting the time. For years, the thinnest watches adhered to these norms, and with impressive results. In 2013, the .....

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The Limited-Edition Zenith Defy Zero G Sapphire

An extremely rare watch with a unique and highly complex mechanism to counteract gravity Zenith Defy Zero G Tourbillon Sapphire Limited Edition In regulating a watch for accuracy, one inevitable force has always plagued watchmakers: gravity. The simplest solution to counteract the effects of gravity is a compromise. Watchmakers will adjust and regulate a watch in multiple positions (dial up, .....

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Watch Industry Trends in 2024

A brief look at recent trends in watchmaking and some predictions for the future In the consumer products industry, trends emerge, disappear, and sometimes reemerge. This cycle is especially evident in the fast-paced world of fashion. However, the principle even applies to luxury watchmaking, an industry built on words like heritage, tradition, and timelessness. In the last three years, integrated-bracelet .....

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The Best Attainable High Complications

A $10,000 Swiss perpetual calendar? A chiming watch for $4,000? Traditionally expensive complications may be cheaper than you think. In the last few years, watch enthusiasts have gone mad over new dial colors and 1mm increases in case size. As the watch industry becomes more and more obsessed with brand, design, and exclusivity, genuine horological complexity has become .....

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