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Mauboussin Watches

Brief Brand History for :

Mauboussin is the French equivalent to Tiffany or Cartier. In other words, they are renowned throughout Europe for their beautiful and luxurious jewelry. Exquisite pieces have been created by designers of this family run business since 1827. For anyone desiring beautiful jewelry that is unique and beautiful, this company has the reputation of being one of the top jewelry houses in the world. In order to appeal to a wider variety of consumers during the end of the Twentieth Century, the company began to integrate the concept of light and shadow into their jewelry, including the Maubossin luxury watches.

Product Line Overview:

In conjunction with its fabulous lines of designer jewelry, Mauboussin luxury watches were launched in 1994. This company delighted in using fine jewels to decorate its beautiful watches. One of the most popular collections is the 'Mauboussin Fouga Chronograph' series which has a variety of materials integrated into the colors of the watch as well as the strap. The rectangular dial is very distinctive. Another favorite timepiece is the 'Mauboussin Ladies M' model. No matter which models you prefer, you will always feel like you are in the lap of luxury if you are wearing a Mauboussin luxury watch.

Many of these elegant timepieces have exquisite designs in materials such as mother of pearl, onyx, and other jewels that contrast beautifully with the diamonds that may be on the face, on the bezel or surrounding the edges of the bracelet or decorating the entire bracelet. The 'Mauboussin Lady M' watch comes in both Maxi and Mini so that you can find the perfect fit. If you love to wear a watch and love jewelry but find it too much to wear both at the same time, then a Mauboussin luxury watch will combine both desires into one beautiful statement of stunning and classic elegance. If jewelry is your passion, then Mauboussin is the company you should be looking at to find the distinctive piece that is right for you.

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