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Patek Philippe Aquanaut

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is a timepiece of refined creativity complemented with technical perfection. Though considered the most affordable among the entire collection, it is still crafted from the same uncompromising quality that Patek Philippe has been known for. The Aquanaut is recognized by its gently rounded octagonal case with a clean landmark dial that matches its hi-tech composite tropical strap or a bracelet matching the case. It is available in steel or 18kt rose gold with some models exquisitely designed with sparkling diamond bezels while others come in striking colored dials and straps. Launched in 1997, it is one of the trendier models that caters widely to the more active and youthful market. Despite its youth compared to other esteemed models of Patek Philippe, the Aquanaut has already established itself as a standard of prestige and casual elegance in a timepiece.