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Patek Philippe Chronograph

Patek Philippe Chronograph watches bear the unique stamp of the company that has dominated the fascinating world of luxury watches over 150 years. These chronograph watches are avidly sought after by watch lovers the world over. While a chronograph complication can be easily adapted by any watch brand, the accuracy and reliability of Patek Philippe chronograph timepieces ensure that time intervals and events can be measured precisely without question. Patek Philippe Chronograph watches come in different materials with variations in functions. There are chronograph watches with annual calendar which are made of platinum with different dial variations. The Patek Philippe Chronograph collection comes with hand-wound as well as automatic movements. Models range from as far back as the classic Patek Philippe 5070 to the more modern Patek 5170. Whether it is a vintage Patek Philippe Chronograph or a new model, each one is crafted by master watchmakers to last from one generation to the next.