The Bell & Ross BR 01-94 Chronograph with Orange Numbers Titanium on Leather Strap with Black/Orange Dial-18520 ref no.BR-01-94-T0 is featured on our website. 100% authentic Bell & Ross watches. Black with Orange Arabics

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Bell & Ross BR 01-94 Chronograph with Orange Numbers
BR 01 94 T0

Bell & Ross

BR 01-94 Chronograph with Orange Numbers Titanium on Leather Strap with Black/Orange Dial BR 01 94 T0

  • Item ID 18520
  • Model # BR 01 94 T0
  • Case Titanium
  • Case Size 46mm
  • Movement Automatic
  • Dial Black with Orange Arabics
  • Bracelet Rubber Strap
  • SORRY... but most likely this watch is NOT IN STOCK.


This watch is also known as: BR01-94TitaniumOrange, BR-01-94-TIT-PRO, 18708, 15002, BR-01-94-Titanium-Orange

The character of this wristwatch timepiece is so sporty, aside from being manly and the physique has full of energy. Many aerospace personnel, wears this piece because of unique instrument that features preferably to mark numbers of location data and measures both the radar and physical condition of every wearer.
The case of this timepiece shows how durable it is while in used in any weather condition. The chonological design gives different aspect, from being a timer and activity of the personal who wears it.
Most of the Hollywood actors and actresses that characterized the aerospace scene in a war themed movie especially the major casts, wears this Bell and Ross timepiece to fit for their roles and to justify the reality of the scene.
So, when you have it wear, you can feel the tough character and presumably has the same profession as the moviestar have shown in the movie.
The look of this timepiece, got it's new revolutionary design of luminous orange hands. While old models design of hands has the same color with the case and dial, the trendy look, gorgeously admired by anyone, young and aficionados will be very eager to have this model.
The outdoor style of this black aircraft instrument, can have an adjustable activity in any weather, in a cold or hot area, it is very durable. What else can be the best feature for this timeline? Whether it is windy or stormy, the water resistant level of it's functionality never failed.
For every real man, this is for sure, their best choice