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Brief Brand History for

In 1908, Concord was founded in Biel, Switzerland. From the start, the company had its sights set on the American market. Concord produced luxury watches for several jewelry companies, including Tiffany & Co. and Cartier. During peace talks in the Second World War, President Harry Truman gave Concord watches to Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill. The North American Watch Company purchased the business in 1970. Soon after, Concord successfully produced luxury quartz watches in response to the quartz crisis which drastically diminished the market share of other Swiss watchmakers. In 1979, Concord created the thinnest watch in the world. The North American Watch Company later would buy Movado and rename the company "Movado Group." The Movado Group recently relaunched the brand name in 2007.

Product Line Overview

Among Concord's best known watches is the C1. Defined by a prominent, octagonal case, the C1 can be found in several prestigious complications. Several complicated watches within the C1 Collection feature retrograde, worldtimer, big-date, or chronograph movements. Available in both masculine and feminine variations, the Mariner Collection is defined by an elegant, dodecagonal case and integrated bracelet. The Saratoga Collection features bold, octagonal cases and classic dials with Roman numerals at twelve, nine, six, and three.

The more formal Delirium Collection hosts elegant rectangular watches. The Carlton Collection possesses a similar rectangular case shape but with Arabic numerals at twelve and six. The masculine Impresario Collection is defined by a versatile, classic round case and link bracelet.

Concord produces numerous watches designed for women, including the La Scala Collection. Elegant and classical, the collection features round, mother-of-pearl, diamond-dot dials. The Lady's Carlton Collection features elegant rectangular, stainless steel cases. The design of the Lady's Impresario includes a link-style, 18 karat yellow gold bracelet.

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