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The London watchmaker George Graham made his name in the 1690s. He rose to renown for his perfection of the cylinder and deadbeat second escapements and invention of the mercury-based, temperature-compensated pendulum. Graham is often referred to as the "father of the chronograph." After his death in 1751, the Graham name lay dormant in watchmaking for centuries. In 1995, the name was revived with the intention to reinvigorate the British watchmaking tradition. Limited annual production and left-handed chronographs are the hallmark of the brand. Although continuing Britain's horological legacy, Graham is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Product Line Overview

Graham's brand identity is closely tied to chronograph watches. The Chronofighter Vintage Collection is no exception, featuring oversized, aviator watches with legible dials and chronograph movements. The Chronofighter Vintage also possesses a unique, left-hand crown with a thumb-operated trigger to engage the chronograph mechanism. The Chronofighter Superlight Collection is characterized by more colorful designs. Timepieces within the collection feature cases, triggers, bezels, dials, and buckles made solely of carbon, endowing the watches with exceptional lightness.

The Fortress Collection includes aviator watches with large, legible numerals, left-hand crowns, and monopusher chronograph movements activated by pushers integrated into the crowns. The Fortress is available in a GMT variation that has a patented mechanism for hour adjustment with a crown-integrated pusher. Designed for use in the sea rather than in the sky, the Swordfish Collection also features chronograph watches. The collection is defined by an oversized case measuring 46 millimeters in diameter, two highly distinctive twenty-percent magnifying glasses over the hour and minute counters, and 100 meters of water resistance.

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