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Ulysse I

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Brief Brand History for

Soon after its 1846 founding, Ulysse Nardin's eponymous watch company became famed for its accurate, complex calibers. The manufacturer produced pocket chronometers and high complications like repeaters. The company also made marine chronometers for commercial ships and navies. At the London International Exhibition in 1862, Ulysse Nardin won the prize medal in the complicated watches and pocket chronometer category. After the death of Ulysse in 1876, his son Paul-David Nardin took over the business. In 1902, the company began supplying marine chronometers to the United States Navy. After experiencing difficulties through the quartz crisis, Rolf Schnyder purchased the company in 1983. Under his leadership, Ulysse Nardin began the production of highly complex astronomical watches. In 1996, the company produced its first marine wrist chronometer, a watch for which the brand is known. Since its conception, Ulysse Nardin earned over 4,300 performance certificates at the Neufchâtel Observatory. 2001 saw the introduction of one of the brand's most famous watches: the Freak. This featured an innovative movement which pivoted within the case in the place of a dial and hands. In the 2000s, Ulysse Nardin debuted numerous movements entirely developed in-house. Many of these used silicium for maximized magnetic resistance. In 2014, the Kering Group acquired the company. Today, Ulysse Nardin is still renowned for its highly complicated movements and production of marine chronometers.

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