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Brief Brand History for

Edouard Bovet launched his eponymous company, Bovet Fleurier SA, on May 1, 1822 in London. Though registered in London, Edouard lived in Canton, China. While Edouard sold high end pocket watches in the Chinese market, other members of the Bovet family managed shipping from London and the company's workshops in Fleurier, Switzerland. Bovet was one of the first watchmakers to include a seconds hand and showcase its decorative movements with skeletonized dials. In a similar vein, Edouard is recognized as the inventor of the exhibition caseback. In the twentieth century, Bovet was sold to successive firms and individuals. Its current owner, Pascual Raffy, acquired the company in 2001. Today, Bovet Fleurier SA continues its legacy by creating impeccably designed, crafted, and decorated dials and movements.

Product Line Overview

Bovet watches are defined by exceptional artistry which includes colorful, intricately guilloched enamel dials, miniature painting, and engraving. Behind the artistic exteriors of the watches are often symmetrical, impeccably finished, in-house movements. The watchmaker maintains certain classical elements of timekeeping while defying convention in their execution. This execution often features unique case shapes. Production is highly limited and many of the company's watches are piece-uniques commissioned by clients. The Dimier Collection uses trademarked "writing slope" cases which take on a wedge shape when viewed from the side. This collection offers a number of high complications. The Recital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two, for example, incorporates a double face flying tourbillon, three dimensional moon phase display showing two hemispheres, and a second time-zone in a universal time display featuring 24 time-zones. The movement's complications can be viewed from a number of angles as the case is made of sapphire. For its innovative engineering, the watch earned the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve award for Mechanical Exception in 2020. Watches in this collection often feature extended power reserves, sometimes up to five days. The Fleurier Collection pays tribute to pocket watches with a crown and bow at twelve o'clock. A captivating feature of the collection is the inclusion of dials on both sides of the watch. The collection exclusively uses the patented Amadeo case. The unique architecture of this case allows the watch to be converted from a wristwatch into a pocket watch or a desk clock. Additionally, the wristwatch can be reversed to display a secondary dial or movement. The collection includes watches under the Monsieur Bovet, Virtuoso, Miss Audrey, and Orbis Mundi names. The watches in the Bovet by Pininfarina Collection take on an automotive appearance fitting for the renowned, Italian, car design firm. The Battista Tourbillon was released in conjunction with the Pininfarina Battista supercar. The OttantaSei focuses on the idea of "light," both in the literal sense of the watch's weight, which is kept low by the case construction, and the watch's luminosity. Both watches are wound using the Bovet's patented spherical differentials that drastically reduce winding time.

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