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Gerald Genta Watches

Brief Brand History for :

Gérald Genta created his eponymous brand in 1969. He had worked in the watch industry for decades prior, designing the SAS Polerouter for Universal Geneve and updating the Constellation Collection for Omega. After founding his own company, Genta continued to work for other watchmakers. In the early 1970s, he designed the now iconic Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet and the equally iconic Nautilus for Patek Philippe. At his own company, Genta manufactured grand sonneries and bespoke pieces for individual clients such as the King of Spain, the King of Saudi Arabia, and the Queen Mother of England. In the 1980s, Genta acquired a license from Disney. Consequently, he was able to incorporate Disney’s characters in his designs. Bulgari purchased the Gerald Genta brand in 2000. Although Genta died in 2011, Bulgari continues to market his watches.

Product Line Overview:

Gerald Genta luxury watches use movements that are manufactured and designed in house. They are hand-drawn and hand beveled. This company has their own style of creating by hand concentric circular graining and using a specific color of gold in their movements.

Gerald Genta luxury watches are designed with incredible complications and have a unique look. The 'Gefica Biretro' models use a self-winding movement and include two rows of titanium beads along the case-band. The dial is uniquely concave and uses a convex non-reflective sapphire crystal.

The 'Gerald Genta Arena collection' includes the 'Spice Retro', the 'Gerald Genta Biretro', the 'Gerald Genta Chrono Quattro', the 'Gerald Genta PC GMT', and the 'Gerald Genta Tourbillon' model lines. For someone who appreciates hand-designed and created complications, the 'Gerald Genta Chrono Quattro' includes jumping hours, retrograde minutes, chronograph retrograde hours and minutes and central chronograph seconds. There is so much going on with this model that one could enjoy looking at it for hours. The 'Arena Spice Retro' is for the person who loves style with its diamond set bezel and mother of pearl dial.

Gerald Genta luxury watches include the uniquely shaped 'Gerald Genta Octo' collection. Although the bezel is round, the actual face is octagonal. These models include the 'Gerald Genta Biretro', 'Gerald Genta Jewelry', 'Gerald Genta Chrono Quattro', 'Gerald Genta 48-Month MP', 'Gerald Genta Tourbillon', 'Gerald Genta Ultimate', 'Gerald Genta World Wide Timer, the incredible 'Gerald Genta Minute Repeater', and the 'Gerald Genta Grande Sonnerie'. From the 'Gerald Genta Ultimate', which is Mickey Mouse faced for Disney fans face to the Jewelry models with white gold, black enamel and diamonds galore, you can find exactly what you are looking for in a luxury watch.

For those who truly adore Mickey Mouse, the Gerald Genta Fantasy collection' includes eight different models with differing designs. For instance one of Gerald Genta's 'Fantasy Retro models' includes Mickey Mouse's arm as the minute hand.

If you are looking for a Gerald Genta luxury watch with a specific complication, you can find them with jumping hours, retrograde functions, chronograph, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, and striking movements. Gerald Genta watches are as exquisitely complicated as they are aesthetically pleasing. For the discerning person who loves to wear just the right watch for the right occasion, is style or fashion-obsessed, or for the over of an extremely complicated piece, there is no doubt that at least one of Gerald Genta's unique collections will provide just what you are looking for.

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