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Brief Brand History for

In 1997, brothers Felix and Thomas Baumgartner and designer Martin Frei launched Urwerk. "Urwerk" is the combination of two words. 6,000 years ago, Ur became the city where the human perception of time was first molded through the use of the shadows of obelisks. Ur's residents, the Sumerians, were responsible for the first calendar which divided the year into twelve lunar months. "Werk" is German for "to work" or "to create." Therefore, the name "Urwerk" represents the creation of innovative time measurement tools. Pushing the boundaries of haute horlogerie as far as possible, Urwerk's timepieces are bold, technologically complex, and precise.

Product Line Overview

Urwerk specializes in unconventional timekeeping. Typically, Urwerk watches appear more like futuristic machines than timepieces owing to both their large, uniquely shaped cases and highly complicated movements. Urwerk also frequently offers watches in atypical case materials such as black titanium and an organic gold and palladium alloy.

The brand is best-known for the space-age UR-Satellite Collection. The timepieces within the collection are distinguished by so-called wandering hour satellites. Three disks move around the dial; these disks themselves rotate to indicate the hours, while minutes are indicated by arrows attached to the satellites. Additional complications may be incorporated. The UR 100, for instance, displays astronomical complications including the rotation of the Earth and its revolution around the sun. Another watch within the collection, the UR 202, is regulated by twin turbines. Hours and minutes are displayed through revolving satellites with the addition of dynamic, "telescopic" minute hands. The UR 202 also features a day-night indication. The UR-Chronometry Collection uses hands used as opposed to satellites to indicate the time. The collection includes the AMC and EMC.

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