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Brief Brand History for

In 1911, Eugène Blum and his wife, Alice Levy, founded Ebel in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. "Ebel" is an acronym for "Eugéne Blum Et Levy." Under the management of their son, Charles, who took over the business in 1929, Ebel expanded to new markets. In the early 1970s, Pierre-Alan Blum began managing the company. In this same decade, Ebel produced wristwatches for Cartier and introduced the Sport Classique under its own name. In the 1980s, Ebel began casing El Primero chronograph movements manufactured by Zenith. The company was sold to Investcorp in 1994 and LVMH in 1999. In 2004, Movado acquired the business.

Product Line Overview

Perhaps the most recognizable of Ebel's timepieces are the Sport Classic and Wave owing to their use of the brand’s distinctive wave bracelet. The Sport Classic's elegantly sporty design features five exposed screws and is available in both masculine and feminine variations, numerous dial configurations, and several metals. Similarly sporty is the Hexagon Collection, which includes time-only and chronograph models. The Brasilia Collection can be found in both masculine and feminine variations. The Brasilia's design is defined by an elegant, rectangular case shape. The Discovery Collection features a similar case to the Sport Classic though differs in its three-link bracelet.

The 1911 Collections pay homage to the first collection created by the Ebel Company, incorporating the signature features of the company's debut model. The 1911 Discovery is a perfect example of a classic sport watch. The 1911 BTR models include Ebel Chronographs. Models within the 1911 Tekton Collection may include the Caliber 137, the Caliber 139, or the Caliber 245.

Among Ebel's ladies' collections is the Beluga Collection. The Beluga is available in round, rectangular, and tonneau case shapes. The collection's design is characterized by lugs which incorporate seamlessly into the sides of the bezel. Often, these portions of the watch are set with diamonds.

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