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FP Journe Watches

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Francois-Paul Journe graduated from the Ecole d'Horlogerie de Paris in 1976. A year later, he began working for his uncle in the antique watch restoration trade. In his early career, Journe created several complicated mechanisms inspired by the antique pieces he worked on in his daily life, including a mechanism for a planetarium and a tourbillon pocket watch. In 1985, he opened his first workshop in Paris. Journe continued to produce highly complicated clocks and watches, earning several prizes for his work. In 1989, he established a movement manufacture in Switzerland and released his first wristwatch two years later. In 1999, Journe began signing his watches with his name and the label “Invenit et Fecit,” denoting the impressive fact that Journe both invented and made his watch calibers. In the same year, Journe released the Tourbillon Souverain, a watch which uses a secondary power source closer to the escapement to increase accuracy. Since then, his watches have earned prizes at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève such as the Prix Spécial de Jury in 2002 and L’Aiguille d’Or in 2004 and 2008. A true manufacture, designing and producing virtually all of its movements, F.P. Journe has grown to great prominence in just a few decades. Production is highly limited while demand is relatively high, making watches by F.P. Journe prized by collectors the world over.

Product Line Overview:

Francois-Paul Journe created a company that has quickly surged to the front of the world of haute horlogerie. With background from the finest watch-making school in Paris, this watch maker uses innovations and inventions of complicated mechanisms to create timepieces that are truly breakthroughs for those who love FP Journe luxury watches

There are a number of current collections of FP Journe luxury watches. The 'FP Journe Souverain Collection' includes the 'Souverain Chronometre Bleu', the 'Chronometre Souverain', the 'Centigraphe Souverain', the 'Chonometre a Resonance', the 'Tourbillon Souverain', the 'Repetition Souverain', and the 'Sonnerie Souveraine'. These watches feature a number of intricate complications as indicated by the name of the collection. With a stunning look and easy to read dials, complications are simply a matter of exquisite design.

FP Journe luxury watches include the 'Octa Collection' with the famous 'FP Journe Octa Calendrier' which is the first wristwatch that includes an annual calendar integrated with a large date as well as a 120 hour power reserve. Other models in the 'FP Journe Octa' line include the 'Octa Automatique Reserve', 'Octa Automatique Lune', 'Octa Reserve de Marche', 'FP Journe Octa Lune', 'Octa Divine 36', and the 'Octa Divine 38'.
The 'Octa Divine 38' is also included in the 'FP Journe Jewelery collection' along with the 'Tourbillon Souverain'. These exquisite timepieces are often studded with diamonds and use and stunning precious gems.

When considering these amazing collections, one must not forget the Limited Series which includes the 'FP Journe Vagabondage II' which is exquisite and stunning, as well as the beautifully complicated 'Octa Perpetuelle' with its perpetual calendar. The 'FP Journe Exclusive Pieces' collection includes the 'FP Journe Boutique Collection' and the 'Black Label Collection' which is also limited to very high end sellers and the FP Journe luxury watches boutiques.

Other collections include the 'FP Journe Limited Series' and the amazing 'FP Journe Brass Movements'. All of these watches feature simple yet elegant lines and maintain the round feel of the original pocket watches. The movements are exclusive and the materials are top quality; just what men are looking for in a luxury watch.

Out of the 3 primary FP Journe Collections, there's a few that have remained the most popular. In the 'Soveraine Collection' - the 'Tourbillon Souverain', 'Chronometre a Resonance', 'Chronometre Souverain' and 'Sonnerie Souverain' remain most popular. 'Octa Reserve de Marche', 'Octa Lune' and 'Octa Divine 36' remain the stars of the FP Journe's 'Octa Collection'. Francois Paul Journe continues to introduce new masterpieces to 'The Limited Series' on an annual basis and the limited nature of the production creates demand amongst collectors

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