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The German town of Glashütte's long watchmaking tradition first began in 1845. With financial support from the Kingdom of Saxony, Glashütte quickly became central to the German watch industry. In 1878, the German School of Watchmaking Glashütte was founded. The industry persisted through both world wars, though a bombing raid levelled the town at the end of World War II. The East German government consolidated all German watch companies in the region in 1951. Four years after the German reunification in 1990, Glashütte Original re-established itself as the successor to most of the previous watchmaking companies consolidated in 1951. In 2000, the Swatch Group purchased Glashütte Original. The maison has preserved the traditional watchmaking practices which made the region renowned in the first place. Consequently, Glashütte Original manufactures up to 95 percent of watch components in-house.

Product Line Overview

Glashutte Original watches are distinguished by superb movement finishing which often includes the hand engraving of the balance cock. This level of finishing is most commonly reserved for brands at far higher price points. In addition to Glashutte Original's exceptional value, the company's appealing style offers modern takes on traditional watch design. Consequently, most of the brand's watches have larger case diameters and functional features such as luminescent markings and automatic winding.

The Pano Collection hosts what is perhaps Glashutte Original's best known timepiece. The Pano is instantly recognizable owing to its formal, asymmetrical dial which makes effective use of negative space. The Pano is available in higher complications including tourbillon, calendar, and moonphase movements. The Senator Collection offers more classical dress watches in modern case sizes. The collection's elegant and timeless design is marked by spade hands and Roman or Arabic numerals. The Senator is available in numerous variations including tourbillon, perpetual calendar, regulator, and moon phase complications. Similarly formal, the Karree is defined by a rectangular case shape.

The Spezialist Collection is dedicated to functional watches. The SeaQ dive watch features a rotating bezel and legible dial. The watch is available in time-only and big-date configurations.

The Vintage Collection hosts timepieces inspired by previous decades. Watches under the Sixties name possess unique Arabic numerals at twelve, nine, six, and three. The Sixties is available in big-date and chronograph complications. The Seventies features a curved, square case, integrated strap or bracelet, and chronograph functionality.

Glashutte Original's ladies' watches are smaller and most commonly feature diamond setting. The Panomatic Luna offers a feminine version of the uniquely asymmetrical Panomatic Lunar. The Lady Serenade is characterized by a 36 millimeter case diameter and oversized Roman numerals at twelve, nine, six, and three.

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