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Concord Delirium

More than a century after its establishment in Biel, Switzerland in 1908, Concord wristwatches still resonate with the elegance and classic style it was highly known for. Touted as the first ever luxury brand to utilize precious gems and metals as well as coins for its timepieces, Concord proved their mettle with the introduction of the Concord Delirium in 1979. Being the thinnest watch at the time, its release caused a frenzy among the papers and enthusiasts alike, hence the name. Elegantly crafted from a rectangular case of 18k gold or stainless steel, plain or set with diamonds, the Concord Delirium measures 19mm to 28mm and angles to a delicate thickness of between .9mm to 9mm. Propelled by a mechanical or Swiss quartz movement, the Concord Delirium collection offers basic time function as well as a good selection of Reserve De Marche, date, jumping hour, or chronograph models.